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Passport Photos         2 photos //  $20.00 ----------   4 photos //  $22.00

                                                                  Canadian: 2 photos // $35 (by appointment)

                                                              Baby photos: 2 photos // $25

With 20 years of experience in this field, we have perfected the art of photo taking.  Being located across the street from the Philadelphia Passport Agency and the US Custom House, enables us to keep up with the newest regulations.  Many of the pictures that we take are replacements for drug store photos that get rejected.  We have a professional studio set up and will make sure you are happy with your photo and that it will pass.


We do take photos of babies except for Canadian passports.

We do take international passport photos including the Canadian size.

Passports that expire too soon or are damaged get rejected at the airport.  This is a very unpleasant experience that happens every day!   



2" x 2"

35 mm x 45 mm

2" x 2 3/4" Canada

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